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  • Elena Aprile (on behalf of the XENON Collaboration):
    The XENON100 Dark Matter Experiment at LNGS: Status and Sensitivity
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 203 (2010) 012005 [PDF], Proceeding at TAUP 2009.
  • Elena Aprile, Laura Baudis :
    Status and Sensitivity Projections for the XENON100 Dark Matter Experiment
    PoS (IDM2008) [PDF], Proceedings of Science (IDM2008) 018, August 18-22, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Elena Aprile, Laura Baudis and Blas Cabrera :
    Search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles with CDMS and XENON
    [PDF], Proceedings of the TEV Particle Astrophysics II Workshop 28-31 August 2006, Madison, WI, USA.
  • Elena Aprile (for the XENON collaboration) :
    The XENON Dark Matter Search: Status of XENON10
    [PDF], Proceeding at TAUP 2005.
  • Laura Baudis (for the XENON collaboration):
    WIMP searches with Liquid Xenon: the XENON10 experiment
    [PDF],Proceeding at HEP 2005.
  • Masaki Yamashita (on behalf of the XENON collaboration):
    RD Results and Status of the XENON Dark Matter Experiment
    [PDF], Proceeding at XeSAT2005 Conference.
  • XENON Collaboration :
    The XENON Dark Matter Experiment
    astro-ph/0502279 , Proceeding at Dark2004 Conference.
  • XENON Collaboration :
    The XENON Dark Matter Search Experiment
    astro-ph/0407575 , Proceeding at Dark Matter 2004 Conference at UCLA, New Astronomy Reviews, 49 (2005) 289-295.
  • XENON Collaboration :
    XENON: a 1 tonne Liquid Xenon Experiment for a Sensitive Dark Matter Search
    astro-ph/0207670, Proceeding at Xenon01 Workshop.


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