XENON100 Photo Gallery
Jan 2008: Karl’s Birthday in Paganica
Feb 2008: Valentine Toys Underground
March 2008: G. Plante (Columbia), M. Schumann (Rice), K.E. Lim (Columbia) and E. Tziaferi (Zurich)
May 2008: Discussing Physics even during the hiking!!!!!
May 2008: E. Aprile (Columbia) with Dr. Alonso (SUSEL)
Jun 2008: EDELWEISS, CDMS, XENON and KIMS in Yangyang, Korea
Jun 2008: M. Schumann (Rice), G. Buffaloe (Columbia REU), E. Brown (UCLA) and A.J.Melgarejo (Columbia)
Jul 2008: XENON people are celebrating the July 4th and completion of XENON100 installation
Aug 2008: Prof. Aprile discovering (finally) the beauty of the mountains around LNGS. On the way to Pizzo Cefalone at 2400 m