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  • From the South or from the East:

    From Manhattan: If you're coming from Columbia University, go north to 125th Street, turn left (west), and follow signs to the Henry Hudson Parkway going north. From anywhere else in Manhattan, get on the West Side Highway (if you're south of 57th Street) or take Riverside Drive to the first available entrance to the Henry Hudson (if you're north of 57th Street) and go north. No matter how you get there, stay on the Henry Hudson - do not cross the George Washington Bridge. A few miles north of the GW Bridge, you'll come to the Henry Hudson Bridge. Cross that bridge and follow the signs to the Saw Mill River Parkway going north. Once you're on the Saw Mill, follow the directions below.

    From La Guardia Airport: Take the Grand Central Parkway west to the Triboro Bridge (about 2 or 3 miles, you will see Manhattan on your left side). Immediately after the Triboro Bridge, take the Major Deegan Expressway (87) and stay on it for about 7 or 8 miles, until you see a turn off for the Moshulu Parkway. Take this exit, which leads on to the Saw Mill River Parkway (northbound). Follow the directions below.

    From Kennedy Airport: Take the Van Wyck Expressway 678 north about eight miles and follow the signs to the Whitestone Bridge. Cross the bridge and get on the Hutchinson River Parkway going north. After about eight miles get off at the entrance to the Cross County Parkway. Drive straight through to the other side of Westchester, then take the Saw Mill River Parkway north. Follow the directions below. Once you're on the Saw Mill River Parkway going north... Get off at Exit 17, Ardsley/Ashford. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Ashford Avenue. Drive for about a mile until you come to the intersection with Broadway (Route 9), then turn right (onto Broadway, going north). Go through one traffic light, then look carefully on the left-hand side. After about half a mile you'll see a small white sign with blue lettering that reads "Columbia University Nevis Labs." Be careful not to turn into Ardsley Ave, the road immediately before the Nevis driveway. Turn left into the driveway marked by the sign and drive to the Nevis parking lot. The particle-physics research building will be right in front of you.

  • From the North or from the West:

    From Newark Airport: Follow the signs to 78 west and take the local lanes. After roughly four miles take the exit for the Garden State Parkway north. Drive north about 30 miles to end of the GSP. You want to get on the New York State Thruway east - get in the left-hand lane, but take the right-hand fork. Once you're on the NYS Thruway for about six miles, you will cross the Tappan Zee Bridge. Get off at Exit 9, which is on the right immediately after the bridge toll. Turn left at the end of the exit ramp onto Route 9 south. Follow the directions below.

    Once you're on Route 9 going south... After a block or two you'll pass Kraft Foods on the right. After that traffic signal (which will probably be flashing yellow), go through seven more traffic signals (the last will be at West Clinton Avenue). Look carefully on the right. The second driveway on the right will have a sign "Columbia University Nevis Labs" (you don't want "Columbia University Press"); be careful not to turn into Ardsley Ave, the road immediately past the Nevis driveway. Turn right into that driveway and drive till you see Nevis parking lot on your right. Bear left, the road takes you in between two buildings, the particle-physics research building will be on your right and Carriage house will be on your left. Keep going down the hill and, now you go through the middle of the parking lot, with Cyclotron building on your left (round windows) and Electronics shop building on your right. Keep going, the road bears to the left, down the hill, till you park in front of the Cyclotron building. That is the home of the Xenon group. Ring the bell on the left hand side of the building, at the green door, next to the big High-bay door.

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