The LXeGRIT Balloon Flight Campaign in October 2000

from Fort Sumner, New Mexico

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Here are some images from the flight (NSBF # 491N) and preparation:

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Setup and Pickup

The instrument, plain and simple. Elena Aprile drives the 26' UHAUL truck to Nevis Labs. Karl Giboni busies away.
How difficult it is to fix the frame upright!
[Left to Right:Chun Zhang, Uwe Oberlack, Jamila Hussain and Alessandro Curioni]

Chun Zhang and Sandro Ventura come across a "pedestrian's guide to ballooning".
Chun is playing C++ games.
Alessandro deep in thought. Sandro checks on the microprocessor. The NSBF team picks up the payload for the first launch attempt. Featuring: Mark Cobble, Victor Davison, Robin Whiteside, Derek Dolby, Gary Marchant and Fred Masters.

Almost there!
The payload at large. Elena Aprile watches her "child" about to be launched.
LXeGRIT on the launchpad. Elena Aprile and Uwe Oberlack at the launch site.
A different kind of payload.

The Launch

The happy LXeGRIT team


What an adventure!

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