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2011 REU @ Nevis Labs

Kristin Hannings, Moravian College

Determining Krypton Concentration in Xenon

At the respective links, one may find Kristin's report and presentation on her summer research.

Nathan Holman, Creighton University

XENON 1T Demonstrator

At the respective links, one may find Nathan's report and presentation on his summer research.

Christopher Stevens, University of South Florida.

Vacuum Failsafe System and MOT Data Analysis for the ATTA Project

At the respective links, one may find Christopher's report and presentation on his summer research.

Adam Xu, Columbia University.

Adam worked on a Compton Coincidence Technique (CCT) project to perform measurements of the scintillation response of liquid xenon(LXe) detector to electronic recoils. This technique allows measurement of low energy deposition in LXe detector. The recoiled energy in LXe is determined by measuring the energy deposit of the Comton-scattered gamma-rays in LXe and detected in far detector. Therefore, checking the performance of far detector is important. He tested and calibrated two different detectors, NaI(Tl) and High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors with various sources.

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